2018 - 2020 State Plan

Beginning in 2017, the South Dakota Diabetes Coalition and the South Dakota Department of Health (SD DOH) - Diabetes Prevention and Control Program began to develop a comprehensive Diabetes State Plan for South Dakota. Together, along with a plethora of partners from across the State, the Diabetes State Plan was developed.

The SDDC continues to work closely with the SD DOH to manage the Diabetes State Plan and associated workgroups and work.

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Diabetes State Plan

The 2018 to 2020 Diabetes State Plan for South Dakota focuses on four goals:
Prevent the Onset of Diabetes Through Evidence-Based Public Health Strategies.
B. Provide Appropriate Prediabetes Interventions in order to Reverse or Slow Down Disease Progression.
C. Empower South Dakotans with Diabetes to Successfully Manage Their Disease.
D. Advocate on behalf of South Dakota citizens with diabetes and their caregivers.​