For Providers

Additional support and education. 

Educational Materials

It is important to learn about diabetes from a professional in order to successfully manage your diabetes. 

Provider Conferences

Diabetes Professionals Only: Control Your Diabetes Brochure with Complication Inserts  (PDF)
Guide to Contacting Your Diabetes Team  (PDF)
Guide to Managing Your Diabetes  (PDF)


The following items are available to download as  PDFs:


A person with prediabetes has a blood sugar level higher than normal, but not high enough for a diagnosis of diabetes. He or she is at higher risk for developing type 2 diabetes and other serious health problems, including heart disease, and stroke. 

Diabetes Prevention
Patient Education Programs

Locate Diabetes Educators poster  (PDF)

Risk Poster: Eat the Good Stuff  (PDF)
Risk Poster: Lose the Inches  (PDF)
Type II Diabetes in SD Poster 18x24  (PDF)
Type II Diabetes Risk Test Rack Card  (PDF)
What is Pre-Diabetes  (PDF)

Learn More About Our Virtual Nurse Project

In addition to providing provider education materials to South Dakotan providers, the South Dakota Diabetes Coalition also travels the state to attend conferences and health fairs to educate providers, nurses, physician assistants, etc. about the South Dakota Diabetes Coalition.

In the last year, the South Dakota Diabetes Coalition has attended the following conferences to promote the SDDC and diabetes awareness:

  • South Dakota Family Physicians, Deadwood
  • South Dakota Internal Medicine Physicians, Deadwood
  • South Dakota Nurses Association, Rapid City
  • Avera Diabetes Conference, Sioux Falls
  • Sanford Diabetes Conference, Sioux Falls

If you know of an upcoming conference or event where it would be beneficial for the SDDC to display materials, please email or call the SDDC.

The following educational materials were created by the South Dakota Diabetes Coalition (and project partners) to help those in South Dakota affected by, or at risk for, diabetes, in South Dakota. If you would like to order one or multiple copies of these materials, please visit the South Dakota Department of Health Publications website to order printed copies.

Available Materials