Diabetes publications and materials are available for free for diabetes educators and other healthcare professionals to use and share with patients. The following materials are available for order from the South Dakota Department of Health Publications Ordering Site:

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National Diabetes Prevention Program
Education Materials for Other Cultures
Better Choices, Better Health SD

Better Choices, Better Health® SD offers chronic disease self-management education workshops that are designed to help adults living with ongoing physical and/or mental health conditions and caregivers understand how healthier choices can improve quality of life, boost self-confidence, and inspire positive lifestyle changes.

Diabetes Materials

and Resources

Learn more about the South Dakota Department of Health's Undo the Risk of Diabetes Campaign. The  website includes a the prediabetes risk test and additional information about prediabetes and diabetes prevention. 

The guide includes three brochures, with pictures and translations to easily provide education to each culture regarding healthy eating and how to test blood sugars. The brochures (titled: Eating Healthy and Blood Sugar Testing Steps) can be downloaded and printed by clicking the links below:

Diabetes Education

Diabetes Education Materials

he National Diabetes Prevention Program—or National DPP—is a partnership of public and private organizations working to reduce the growing problem of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.

The National DPP provides a framework for diabetes prevention efforts. It brings together partners from the public and private sectors to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes in the United States. Partners include:

•  Federal agencies
•  State and local health 
•  National and community

​      organizations
•  Employers
•  Public and private insurers
•  Health care professionals
•  University community education

•  Businesses that focus on wellness

Department of Health Free Materials

The South Dakota Diabetes Coalition is also proud to share the Diabetes Education Resources for Other Cultures guide and brochures, a project created for a Girl Scout Gold Award in 2015 by Emily Oyos.  This provides a guide for diabetes educators to educate individuals from the African, Nepali, and Hispanic cultures. Examples of traditional meals for each culture are included in the guide, along with examples of common American foods, to help educate a patient about proper diet.

Diabetes Self-Management Education/Support (DSMES) programs are available across South Dakota. Click below to find educators in your area.