A Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (DCES, formerly known as a Certified Diabetes Educator or CDE) in the Primary Care Clinic can bridge the gap between the primary care provider and a DSMES program. The DCES in the primary care clinic can also assist with the referral process to a DSMES program. A sample letter of support can be downloaded below to edit and share with an employer regarding creating a DCES position. 

In addition to this South Dakota-specific toolkit, there are also many national toolkits that can assist a DMSES program in sustaining or expanding programmatic offerings. The following national toolkits provide additional information:

In addition to providers and healthcare workers, patients and the general public also need to know about local DSMES programs. There are many different options for promoting DSMES to patients and the general public. 

The DSMES Toolkit is a comprehensive resource for achieving success in Diabetes Self- Management Education and Support (DSMES). Expanded use of DSMES can help ensure that all people with diabetes receive the support they need. This toolkit provides resources and support for DSMES programs to sustain or expand their program. 

The Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (ADCES) offers a comprehensive toolkit for DSMES programs to use when promoting and education providers and healthcare staff about the 4 times to refer a patient to diabetes education. 

Diabetes Care and Education Specialist in the Primary Care Clinic
Marketing and Promoting DSMES to Providers and Healthcare Workers

About the Toolkit

Understanding SD Medicaid Coverage for DSMES
National Toolkits
ADCES Toolkit
If certain criteria is met, DSMES can be offered and reimbursed for via telehealth. This is beneficial for South Dakota given the rurality of the state. Click below to view the telehealth webinar from the CDC and click the link below to view the ADCES' (formerly AADE's) information about telehealth during the the COVID-19 pandemic.
Click above to view a short recorded webinar about DCES in the Primary Care Clinic. 
To increase participation in DSMES, it may be helpful for programs to have information available to share with patients to make the case for completing diabetes education. Often times, with insurance coverage of education going towards the deductible, patients do not choose to attend education. The slick sheet below provides talking points for diabetes education. 
Electronic Health Record data can help a DSMES program share information about program referrals (or lack of referrals) with a provider or clinic. IT can also help promote the need for continued referrals to DSMES programs.
Making the Case to the Patient for DSMES
South Dakota Medicaid closely aligns with the DSMT coverage offered for Medicare patients. SD Medicaid covers 10 hours of initial education during the first year after diagnosis, and two hours a year of follow-up education. DSMES programs should follow South Dakota Medicaid's Billing and Policy Manual for DSMT coverage. 

To ask specific questions regarding SD Medicaid coverage of DSMT, complete the following form to the right. A response will be provided within 7 business days. Your question will be answered directly and (if applicable to all programs) shared below in the FAQ. 

As DSMES programs in South Dakota also see patients from neighboring states, contact information for surrounding states' Medicaid programs is available using the link below. 

Marketing and Promoting DSMES to the Public

The South Dakota Diabetes Coalition facilitated a workgroup comprised of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists from across South Dakota to develop a South Dakota-specific toolkit to assist Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) sites in sustaining their current program and to provide guidance and ideas to expand their program. 

The following eight (8) sections provide information about various topics and guidelines for expanding and sustaining a DSMES program. Each section also features a downloadable PDF summary of each of the topic areas. For more information about the toolkit or implementation, contact the SDDC at info@SDDiabetesCoalition.org. 

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and South Dakota Medicaid both refer to DSMES as Diabetes Self-Management Training (DSMT). 

DSMES Awareness Using Electronic Health Records
Click above to view a short recorded webinar about Marketing and Promoting DSMES.
DSMES via Telehealth
Click above to view a short recorded webinar about DSMES Awareness using EHR
Medicare coverage for DSMT can be challenging to understand, but can also assist DSMES programs in expanding and sustaining programming as Medicaid provides annual coverage of DSMT. CMS covers initial DSMT for 10 hours withing one year, followed by two hours of follow-up DSMT each year.

Toolkit Sections

Click here to access the CDC DSMES Marketing and Promotion Toolkit.

Understanding Medicare Coverage for DSMES
To ensure providers and other healthcare workers are aware of a DSMES program, DSMES programs should work to market and promote their program, to other healthcare professionals and medical staff. 

DSMES Sustainability and Expansion Toolkit