Program Benefits - Improved quality of life and socialization
- Cost savings based on level of care
- Consistent care for individuals with diabetes while decreasing nurse workload
Diabetes and Intellectual Disabilities
- Type 1 diabetes is 35 times more common in people with intellectual disabilities (ID)
- People with ID have a higher risk of developing diabetes due to genetic predispositions.

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Virtual Nursing: Group Homes

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Journal of Intellectual Disability Research. Management and quality indicators of diabetes mellitus in people with intellectual disabilities. October 29, 2012. Volume 57. Issue 12.
Pilot Program Successes
This video highlights the successes of implementing the program at a pilot site in Madison, SD.
Sponsors and Participating Facilities

Virtual Nursing

The following Donors, Sponsors and Grantees support the Virtual Nursing Programs in South Dakota:

Zeldathon Players and Parents

Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceuticals
South Dakota 7th District Medical Alliance

South Dakota Community Foundation
Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation

Participating Organizations

- Valiant Living, Madison, SD